AppCoins — Revolutionizing the App Economy

Cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain technology have given rise to the concept of decentralized applications. These decentralized applications, for all practical purposes, serve a range of functions, some of which are already being catered to by conventional internet applications, but with lots of additional benefits.

The decentralized applications, popularly referred to as Dapps, make use of smart contracts coded on cryptocurrency blockchain to automate various processes. At the same time, the immutability and transparency offered by distributed ledger make it easier to store, manage and distribute relevant information across the network. And then there is an entire economy created around the applications which are driven by cryptocurrency (tokens).

While there are some of the well-established blockchain solutions or protocols that make Dapps development easier, there aren’t many that are created keeping app economy in mind. However, AppCoins begs to differ. The cryptocurrency for app stores will be made available to 200 million users from day one and is currently in the midst of its ICO Pre Sale.

AppCoins is in the process of revolutionizing the app economy, by offering unprecedented levels of transparency and efficiency. By introducing a simplified monetization structure, the platform ensures that developers and advertisers are in direct contact over blockchain protocol, eliminating the need for Adtech and payment intermediaries. By doing so, the platform allows app developers to earn more than ever and advertisers to benefit from substantially lower ad costs.

In addition, AppCoins promises a much safer environment for app discovery: since all information is stored on the blockchain, the reputation of app developers will be built through their transactional history across app stores. This eliminates the current opacity around app approval, while automating the process.

The use of cryptocurrency will also bring users all around the world new app purchasing possibilities: apart from being able to earn AppCoins by engaging with sponsored apps, users will also be able to transfer AppCoins to each other. This will create a new incentive system for discovering apps and will enable the world’s 2 billion individuals without online payment methods to make in-app purchases (such as game upgrades) for the first time.

The creators of AppCoins, Aptoide have one of the largest app stores worldwide dedicated to the users of Android-powered devices. With over 12,000 developers and 200 million users signed up, Aptoide app store has witnessed over 4 billion app downloads, and it has entered into partnerships with some of the leading mobile phone manufacturers. Its global presence as an Android marketplace has given the App Store valuable insights with regard to the needs of the current app store model, leading it to develop a solution that could bring unforeseen value to users, developers and manufacturers.

As Aptoide continues to improve the ecosystem, it is presently raising funds through an ongoing ICO, which is now at pre-sale stage. Further encouraging the potential participants, the platform is also offering a 30% discount during the pre-sale, that is set to end in the next 3 days.

More information about the platform and token sale, visit —

For more information talk with the Appcoins team on Telegram

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Why You Should Invest in Monero

Monero is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies in the world. It is highly secure and has been able to maintain the confidentiality of its coins and the coin owners. This currency uses top-notch technological systems which make it impossible to trace any of its transactions. All the Monero coins are identical and can be exchanged to uphold the privacy of its owners. This usually termed as being fungible.

The receipts for this cryptocurrency are kept public, but they are anonymous hence impossible to trace the origin. You can make deposits or transfer funds without a trace. The currency utilizes a ring signature system which enables it to even hide the value of the Monero cash transferred. This is an ideal currency for people who need an untraceable media of transacting cash. It is the most private crypto and is highly safe from any form of interference.

Monero is a newer cryptocurrency than Bitcoin, but it has been able to compete favorably. It uses the CryptoNote protocol as opposed to the bitcoin protocol. It is highly preferred compared to bitcoin because of its heightened priority on the privacy of its users. Also, Monero has a higher possibility of remaining competitive in the cryptocurrency market. This is because it is on the StackExchange which totally increases its already booming public source code repository.

Monero also enables you to carry out larger transactions. It does not have a block size limit which is present in other currencies. Lack of this limit enables it to carry out many transactions in one second compared to others such as Bitcoin.

In the next few years, exciting games such as slots will be played using Monero. Perhaps the bonuses will be given in these terms, and gambling will be more thrilling. Here is the list of free slot games with bonus rounds.

Rapid Growth

Another reason why you should invest in Monero is that it is exhibiting a rapid growth rate. The number of people embracing its use has been on the rise since it was initiated. This is because it has shown an undoubted capability to keep the financial information of its users private. People have different reasons for concealing their financial info, and this has to be respected. Monero makes it very possible for them.

However, there is an unfounded accusation that associates Monero currency with illegal money such as drug trafficking money. This is not a money laundering scheme or a get rich quick mechanism as suggested by some quarters. It is simply a cryptocurrency that ensures the privacy of its users. What they decide to do with their money is up to them.

Monero is an excellent investment for the long term because more people are demanding for the privacy of their money. It has continued to prove that it can uphold the privacy of its clients much better than other currencies. It can also prevent the disclosure of its value and make it practically impossible for anyone to trace the amount of cash being transacted.

Where to Acquire Monero

The Monero can be bought at the website CEX.IO. This is an excellent platform that works through the Fill-or-Kill order concept. The FOK orders are essential because they enable people to transact businesses at the exact prizes they desire. For instance, if you fill a form to purchase Monero at a certain value, it stops for two minutes looking for someone willing to sell at your desired prize. When you find a match, the transaction is completed in a short time.

This site utilizes a 2-factor authentication to protect the transactions of its users. The system makes it tamper proof and basically impossible to hack. CEX.IO provides a simple platform that is very easy to use. It has very high limits, and this enables users to transact as much money as they want. It is the site used for purchasing Bitcoins.

The use of cryptocurrencies has been on the rise in the past few years. These currencies are more preferred compared to other currencies because they are untraceable hence quite ideal for individuals who value privacy and confidentiality. The current market trends that these currencies show that they will compete with larger currencies strongly in the next few years.

Many people are embracing the use of these currencies. There was an initial doubt when they began because people were not sure about what they are. Many thought that they are money laundering schemes while others suggested that it was a mechanism for hiding illegal cash. The current trends have shown that these currencies are actually beneficial.

They can be used by people from all over the world and are not easily affected by external forces such as politics. The cryptocurrencies are not affected by jurisdictional borders hence can be used for a large number of activities. Soon, activities such as gambling that require the use of cash will be revolutionized to accept the use of these untraceable currencies. Their security features and systems make them ideal for activities such as betting that handle loads of cash and have an ardent need for privacy.

Monero is certainly the fastest growing cryptocurrency in the world. It is newer than Bitcoin but has shown great commitment in upholding the privacy and security of its clients. All the transactions are totally untraceable, and its presence in the StackExchange makes it a viable investment for the future. Also, the rate at which people are using it is high which shows that it will exhibit a high growth rate in the next few years. This is certainly the kind of investment to venture in. The reasons above will convince beyond reasonable doubt that you should try it out.

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How to Get Free Bitcoins

At the time of this writing, 1 Bitcoin was equivalent to 4,425 dollars. Some analysts believe that by the end of 2017, it will pass the $ 5,000 barrier. We won’t be talking about these discussions in this article, but we can guarantee you this: Bitcoin is one of the most suitable tools to invest. Although you need a solid capital to enter the BTC market, you can get BTC even without any initial capital if you know how to do it. Perhaps you can play at a Bitcoin Casino with your winnings and double up your capital, who knows? We will tell you how to do this, but first, we have to talk about “satoshi”. In order to win free BTC, you first need to accumulate the satoshi( “sat” for short).

You can think of satoshi as the “penny” of Bitcoin. A satoshi is the hundredth of a millionth of one BTC. At the moment, 22.622 satoshi is equal to 1 USD. Likewise, 100,000,000 satoshi corresponds to 1 BTC, that is, 4,425 dollars. It is important that you understand what satoshi is because the faucet sites distribute it for free.

What Are Faucet Sites?

Designed by Gavin Andresen in 2010, the faucet sites are places that give you free sat for the fulfillment of a certain task. These tasks are variable, sometimes you are asked to decipher a captcha, and sometimes you only need to spend a certain amount of time on the website. They say they intend to introduce people to BTC, but the main purpose is to drive traffic. Who would not want to visit a website where you can earn free money? These sites are full of ads, they make money with those. (For the same reason, if you use an AdBlocker, you cannot visit most of them.) You spend time on the website, the owners of the website earn money from advertisements, and they give a small amount of satoshi as a gift. However, no faucet website gives more than 1,000 sat.

Other sources of income are referral links. If you are a member of a faucet site, you are getting a special, personalized link. If another person subscribes to the site using this link, the amount of satoshi you earn is increasing. It is a kind of pyramid scheme, and it is still unclear whether it is legal or not. Because you are not required to make an investment, it is enough to spend time on the website. Even with a capital of only 3 BTC, you can also set up a faucet site. In the long run, the income you get from advertising will be more than the satoshi you distribute.

Are They Legal?

In fact, the question you need to ask here is whether they really give free satoshi or not. The good news is, yes, they really do. The bad news is that the amount of satoshi you can get is very small and it is deposited to an intermediary system (like faucethub). So by using faucet system, you won’t be entering the BTC market. You must have a BTC account already. If you log into the faucet system with your BTC account information, you can use the satoshi stored in the system.

To give you an idea, let’s take a look at a list of some faucet sites:

Website Time You Must Spend at the Site Satoshi Amount
GM1975 10 min. 50
BTCBYGDZ 180 min. 40
CryptoTalk Central 5 min. 10
FreeBitCoin 60 min. 50
Bitnow 30 min. 45
LuckyBTCFaucet 15 min. 100
WebTC 15 min. 150


Do not think that you can visit these websites and become afk (away from keyboard). Visiting the sites is not enough, you are asked to perform some tasks (like captcha solution) at certain intervals. Also, not every website is reliable: Some places started to install a miner on your browser without asking you. This miner software uses your processor to generate BTC and negatively affect the performance of your computer. To give you an average figure, you can earn 500-600 sat by visiting the faucet sites for 1 hour. It takes about 1 week for you to earn 1 USD worth of satoshi.

Another Method: AirDrops

These are not high numbers, but those who use the system now use it because they believe that BTC and satoshi values will increase even further in the near future. So they are already accumulating satoshi to use it for investment purposes in the coming years. Another way to earn free BTC is to follow the frequently held AirDrop events. Universities and foundations are organizing such events to increase interest in BTC. Within the scope of the act, anyone is invited to become a member of a local blockchain. If you agree, you can win 10,000 sat in one go. For example, in the US, Blockchain Education Network is organizing AirDrop events nationwide with a capital of 5 BTC. You can use mobile apps to join these events.

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The post How to Get Free Bitcoins appeared first on Forex news forex trade. A Substantial Upgrade to eSports Industry

We live in an eSports world. Gaming today is bigger than ever. Mind-bending is the word that would best describe the impact eSports has on our lives today. Growth is evident, as the niche registers a monumental 100% growth rate in viewership, attention media-wise and economically lucrative.

The idea is simple: eSports is a vast reservoir of gaming fans streaming through gaming events. The most recent event is DotA2 International. DotA2 is not the biggest eSports rep but it’s safe to say it holds 3rd place right behind League of Legends and Counter-Strike. Just to give you a scale of the industry, DotA2 had an international prize pool of $25 million, of which 90% was raised through crowdfunding ($23 million).

It’s only natural that we see development ideas being championed to expand the eSports arena. Game developers are taking an interest in the growth in the arena. We can expect to see the world’s largest gaming companies tap into this. However, on the other hand, we have independent gamers who are looking to create an eSports gaming portal of their own liking. A team of gamers is working on developing a consumer based gaming portal that will offer high quality and meaningful experience to their gaming friends and fans.

The portal, ICO launched on 1st November 2017 at 1 pm CET enables gaming fans to share, curate, and enjoy cool content together, or even participate in and contribute to events. All users will be able to participate in creating content for education, entertainment, and statistics, by writing guides or producing videos. The reward for their work will be furnished using the platforms digital currency, ESPORTS Reward Token (ERT). By providing the best to their clients, ESPORTS will build an online community that produces engaging and exclusive content aimed at eSporting enthusiasts.

The company’s revenue stream consists of a four-tier offering including online eSports shop, licensed eSports betting, and all-exclusive eSports university. The long-term plan for is to create an independent backend that serves as the control center for all their activities and offers. To realize this, is working closely with Sports Book Cloud (SBC), a gold standard provider for BetRadar and represents one of the most up-to-date and best solutions on the market. Gaming is quickly becoming a spectator sport. For this reason, once the contribution goal of 20 million Euros has been reached, will open a physical eSports center in Berlin where players can be cultivated into pro players.

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Caviar: Crypto & Real Estate In One Token

While the crypto boom has taken the financial world by storm, with investors seeing gains they would never have realized in traditional markets; there is a lot of volatility that many do not seem to acknowledge until they experience the downside. Investing in the gold-rush mentality is what happened back in the dotcom bubble, and the same may happen in the crypto boom as well.

What if there was a low-risk, high-return investment option that capitalized on the crypto market as well as hedging against volatility by tapping into one of the most stable markets, i.e. real estate? is a project that aims to do exactly that by creating data-driven, dual-purpose model that takes advantage of crypto-assets as well as U.S. real estate by the tokenization of assets. The reason why Caviar is in a solid position to make this a reality is because it is the successor to a company with a proven track record in real estate financing services and short-term loans – Caviar Capital LP.

With Caviar’s business model, investors get to hold diversified portfolios that leverage both cryptos (high-risk) and real estate (low-risk) for more balanced returns. Additionally, Caviar, given its track record and experience in real estate markets, is in the best position to manage such portfolios – moving investments from crypto-assets to real estate and back in order to manage risk and maximize profits.

The platform is further aided by Caviar’s Intelligent Predictive Model (IPM), which takes multiple data streams, analyses them and provides future predictions; allowing for better asset allocation.

In terms of real estate lending, Caviar will allocate some of the funds to be loaned out to entrepreneurs and real estate developers, especially the state of Connecticut, where Caviar already has an established presence and a network that can be leveraged.

Profits from the whole venture will be shared with Caviar token holders. Running on the Ethereum blockchain, Caviar is going to be an ERC20 token and profits will be distributed quarterly, using smart contracts.

The percentage of profit distribution is as under:

-75% goes to token holders
-20% is reinvested back into the fund
-5% is reserved for buying back tokens and burning them to increase value

The token sale aims to generate $25 million with 375,000,000 tokens, priced at 10 cents each. Presale begins on November 28, 2017, after which the crowdsale date will be announced.

Overall, Caviar aims to solve multiple problems in a market that is poised to attract capital but is not stable enough. By hedging investments between a very high-risk crypto market and a low-risk real estate market, the platform can deliver optimal returns without over-exposing investors.

The Caviar pre-sale begins on November 28, 2017. To contribute visit:

Company name: Caviar
Official website :
Whitepaper: English
Telegram :
Twitter: @caviar0x
Reddit: Caviar0x


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Access your tokens in the application. Guarda announces the new feature.

Guarda, the team of blockchain professionals, recently introduced their new wallet to the market. The wallet is known for its hyper-security of the private key which is not transferred from the application in any way and is safely stored inside the Android key storage.

Guarda added a new feature in their mobile application — the possibility to buy and store ethereum-based tokens. Within the wallet, it is easy to buy, transfer and see the owned tokens without app-hopping.

The tokens can be bought with any cryptocurrency and can be accessed within the app simultaneously.

The developers of Guarda got concerned with the conveniency and simpleness of the user experience and decided to embed the processes of buying and storing the tokens in the wallet as well as sending them to a different wallet address. This way, the user will see all the tokens they own inside the Guarda wallet and will have the option to buy any new ones without leaving the app. Guarda seems to have genuinely brought the crypto-trade to the next level.

Whereas previously users had to take effort to find a trusted exchange, Guarda has a completely different approach. The team came to the point of development to make it simple for the user to buy and store the tokens for ETH and ETC in the wallet. All the tokens bought with the user’s wallet address will appear in the app consistently, so the customers can control their funds effectively. This quick and easy feature will save not only the customer’s time, but also the money.

““Tokens are an important part of the Ethereum blockchain infrastructure. For this reason we have implemented a complete set of in-app tools for token operations.”, — Ondrej Horaček, Product Manager at Guarda.

website : Garuda


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Ethbet Development Continues After Crowdsale Sells Out During First Week

Ethbet – the first gambling platform on the Ethereum blockchain that has announced support for peer-to-peer betting – launched its much-anticipated crowdsale on September 17th. Almost 70% of all available tokens were sold during the first day, with the remaining tokens being bought over the next several days, leading the crowdsale to permaneantly close to new investors after only four days. Since then, development on Ethbet has continued and token holders are looking forward to what the platform will have to offer in the coming months.

The unique feature that drives many towards Ethbet is that it will be the first Ethereum-based platform to allow players to bet directly against each other, a feature not yet offered by any of its competitors. Utilizing the advantages of its peer-to-peer architecture, Ethbet is able to offer lower fees to its players, as they bet against each other instead of against a house. Some other Ethbet features include a provably-fair source of randomness, transparent betting, open-source smart contracts, and no need for user deposits, withdrawals, or registration. With long-term plans including the ability to gamble using any Ethereum-based token to be added to the platform, Ethbet’s future is looking bright to many of its investors.

The Ethbet platform features an off-chain matchmaking service, allowing for users to efficiently offer and take bets. This is done off of the blockchain to allow bets to be relayed instantly and for free. After a match can be made between the bets of two users, the bet can be executed on the blockchain using an Ethereum smart contract, providing a high level of security, redundancy, and transparency. Thanks to this architecture, the Ethbet platform is hoping to become a major player in the world of Ethereum-based dicing in the near future.

Although the Ethbet Crowdsale sold out quickly, Ethbet’s unique token (EBET) can still be purchased on large exchanges such as HitBTC. To learn more information about Ethbet, check out their website at as well as their technical whitepaper at


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MeeTip : the ICO in which to invest

MeeTip alias MTIP is a cryptocurrency that will be used into  OutMySphere in order to offer drinks to your soulmate or to your friends and tip the employee of your choice.

Findings and back on some features :

With an attractive turnover of 1674 billion per year for over 16 million establishments, the grandeur of the bars, cafes and restaurants market is well established. The market share represented by this type of establishment makes it a sector with more than dynamic economic activity.These establishments attract about 2.5 billion people each month.In support of these statistics, we can already identify the potential of MeeTipembedded into OutMySphere.

Crowd measuring presenting a challenge for Google ?

Available on Ios/Android (beta version), OutMySphere suggests viewing bars, restaurants, cafes, casinos, fitness gyms and other places around your location. The app provides information about how many people are in any establishment you consult. But it is a much more advanced system than the one we know from Google that just gives you an approximate attendance and no perceptible interactions.The application allows you to know the crowd in real time and to have access to basic information to promote meetings.You will be able to view the first name, the photo and the sentimental status thanks to the virtual bracelet of people around you.The application targets mainly bars, places conducive to meetings of all kinds andwhere the use of mobile applications tends to become a formality.

And what if the Drink functionality could sign Tinder death sentence ?

With the Drink functionality, the possibility to directly offer a drink to singles around you, or to your friends wherever they are in the world contribute to break with two major problems in social relations:The shyness of the first step : you can now use the app as an icebreaker.The distance with your friends at the other end of the world : you can now use the app to pay special attention to them

For this functionality, two cocktails have been specially imagined : you can either offer the cocktail of love or the friendship cocktail.

They will first be offered for payment in MeeTip before being joined by all other usual drinks of bars, cafes in support of the menu entered in the establishments owners customer area.

The invitation to have a drink -we especially think to singles- can of course be accepted or declined.

Could we see some Tinder’s match influence ?

In any case, it turns out that it is just as instantaneous, the exception of the boring discussion, and the much more spontaneous side in addition.

On top of that, with the planned decentralization of all the data thanks to the blockchain BigChainDB, OutMySphere will be the first proximity meetings mobile app to use the technology of the blockchain and not to store on a centralized server the personal and intimate information of the user such as his/her first name, sexual and religious orientation and many others.

Real satisfaction = a real tip.

The Tip functionality has been designed to tip the employee of your choice in the establishment you are located. By clicking on the desired place you will have access to the list of employees, not just the server you are most likely to deal with but also the bartender, or even the cook.

People will have a wider choice to express their satisfaction and will pay the desired amount thanks to their MeeTip wallet. There are neither intermediaries nor charges.

It makes sense that employees will be encouraged to use the app and will also be inclined to advertise to customers.

The combination of these functionalities using Meetip, according to the number of establishments and financial flows, seems to suggest MeeTip intends to become the standard cryptocurrency in this field (i.e bars, restaurants, cafes).

Keep in mind the app is also proposing the referencing of nightclubs, casinos, gyms … who knows, someday we will be able to pay our gym subscription in MeeTip ? Time will tell

In all cases, the app clearly establishes the decentralization of the order, payment and tip processes. It seems that the horizon gives us a glimpse of prosperous days, few, if any, competition is to be deplored.

About the ICO :

The PRE ICO will begin on the 3rd of November 2017 01:00 am GMT and will run for 7 days until the 10th of November 2017 01:00 am GMT.

Pre-ICO has an exclusive bonus rate of 900 MTIP per 1 ETH for the entire period with no minimum goal.

This pre sale aimed at raising funds to advertise and market the main ICO.

The main ICO will begin on the 17th of November 2017 01:00 am GMT and will run for 4 weeks until the 15th of December 2017 01:00 am GMT.

Bonus rates are offered for every period of the ICO.

For the contributor, participating during the ICO means he will receive the base rate of 1 ETH = 600 MTIP plus the current bonus in effect

The number of MeeTip coins is limited to 30.000.000 and no further coins could be created due to the strict laws of smart-contracts.

All coins sold within the pre-ICO and main ICO will be the only MeeTip ever in circulation. Once OutMySphere is complete and integrates MeeTip coins, the demand of MeeTip will increase as more people demand it as a form of payment for drinks and tip.

Instead of allocating MeeTip to the team during the ICO period, a buy-back program will be launching on the exchange.
This way, MeeTip will be purchased with BTC instead of being allocated free of charge to team members.
A total of 15% of all MTIP in circulation will be purchased back by our company during the first 24 hours on first exchange.
In consideration of this, the chances of MeeTip entering a bullish market once it hits an exchange are high. If the bullish trend sticks, the price of MeeTip should steadily increase.

Be the first to own MTIP and join this revolution about meetings and tips.

Website :




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Quantstamp solidifies partnership with Experty for smart contract consulting

Over the past several months, there has been an explosion of ICOs and new smart contracts. The blockchain industry has been growing exponentially. Smart contracts are an integral part of the Ethereum blockchain technology which enables businesses to conduct transactions without an intermediary. Smart contracts are the basis of all Ethereum blockchain based firms. Smart contracts have had difficulty being smart, or even contracts. Many of which do not function properly.

With so many smart contracts being deployed so quickly, security has become a top priority. We have all seen the hacks or bugs in the code which enable breaching these smart contracts. A lack of secure and peer-reviewed smart contracts create massive security flaws or workarounds which have plagued the nascent industry. The more complex the smart contract, the bigger the attack surface. These attacks lead to loss of funds for businesses and investors alike. This gaping liability has turned into an opportunity for one firm, Quantstamp.

Quantstamp is the first decentralized smart contract security auditing protocol. Quantstamp can help solve this massive problem. They aim to provide a scalable and cost-effective solution to the industry by providing security and auditing services for smart contracts. Quantstamp’s automated software system verifies Solidity programs. By having an automated system, Quantstamp can help service the growing needs of the smart contract industry. To meet the demand of its growing client list, Quantstamp has partnered with Experty.

Experty is a peer-to-peer, blockchain based platform for paid consultations. It allows enterprises and individuals to get paid instantly for consultations using voice and video calls. Experty has an aggressive growth schedule and roadmap, with plans to release an Alpha version by the end Q4. There is massive demand in the marketplace for Quantstamp’s services and Experty will help the company scale its consulting business globally. Experty provides a great tool for all types of businesses. The Experty platform brings an easy to use interface and enables instant billing using smart contracts.

Experty CEO, Kamil Przeorski, expressed his excitement about the union, stating, “It is my pleasure to announce the partnership with Quantstamp. We are really excited about the partnership and look forward to working with the amazing Quantstamp team. They are providing a much-needed service in the industry and we plan to be a part of that solution in the near future.”

Quantstamp will be auditing Experty’s smart contracts and ensure maximum security of the system. Experty will gain a critical advantage by substantially decreasing risks of both customer and business funds through the application. This security will bring increased proficiency and reduce costs for all parties.

Overall, both companies are excited to provide a solution to two growing problems faced in the industry, prioritizing time and scaling security. By joining forces, Experty and Quantstamp will accelerate the mainstream adoption of the blockchain.

About Quantstamp

Quantstamp Technologies, Inc. is based in Waterloo, Canada and San Francisco, California. In June 2017, Quantstamp introduced the first scalable security-audit protocol designed to find vulnerabilities in Ethereum smart contracts. For more information about Quantstamp, visit Follow on Twitter @Quantstamp.

About Experty

Experty is based in Zug, Switzerland. Experty is a platform that allows for paid consultation in cryptocurrencies. For additional information on Experty, visit us at, follow us on Twitter @Experty_io, or read our blog at Experty_io.

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The post Quantstamp solidifies partnership with Experty for smart contract consulting appeared first on Forex news forex trade.

SPACOIN: The First Spa Project-Applied Blockchain in the World


Being an abstract concept, beauty has been constantly regarded as a standard to judge a person’s physical attractiveness. Nowadays, thanks to the successful contributions to continuously advanced technologies as well as the changes in defining and evaluating on “beauty”, the word of beauty care has become much more extensive and various. In addition, the trends of beauty care have remained changeable day by day. Even, at the time being, beauty care is not only a request but also a leading priority for almost every male or female individual. With the hope of making more dreams come true, the co-founders of Spa Foundation officially offered their products and service in public.

Until now, Spa Foundation has been recognized as the leading organization of beauty industry without applying cosmetic surgery in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia and on its way to conquer the whole Southeast Asian and Asian markets (Myanmar, Thailand). Its own target is to expand on the worldwide, playground in the nearest future.

In the past 3 years, having been continuously invested, developed and managed by talented and enthusiastic founders, Spa Foundation has become the biggest Spa chain in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia with 30 existing branches. Besides, with more than 300 dedicated and professional beauty techniques and more than 8 types of the most up-to-date beauty technologies, Spa foundation has served and satisfied more than 3.000.000 clients.

It’s been guaranteed that when coming to Spa Foundation, clients will be always supplied with the best beauty care services. Its owners also claim that they will continue improving Spa’s quality to live up to clients’ diverse demands.


In addition to following the slogan: “Bringing robust beauty and confidence to millions of Asian women”, all staffs of Spa Foundation has always been required to pay attention to its core values, including: delivering the beauty care services with the most advanced methods, improving the quality of Spa worldwide, minimizing costs and expenses, building an ecosystem for global beauty care, using natural extract product suitable for all skin types, giving the priority to customers ‘satisfaction, creating jobs for thousands, and connecting clients with various beauty care systems throughout Asia.


It’s time to create a beauty care ecology both at the micro and macro scale by which all Spas member can collaborate and share innovative and effective beauty care methods as well solutions to complicated problems related to marketing, developing strategies. In order to achieve these accomplishments, Spa Foundation has to possess a completely novel business service platform which will facilitate all Southeast Asian users to approach all beauty care products and services, fastening the application of blockchain on Spa coin as well as enable them to make extra income from cryptocurrency ownership. However, Spa’s very first action is to combine beauty care with the assistance of technology 4.0 to connect Spas.


Regulated by smart contracts, SpaCoin acts as an Ethereum-based Blockchain platform, which assists in improving the quality of beauty care in the world by creating and bringing together beautiful care solutions. Moreover, it develops the beauty care industry, creates market information and helps to solve the constraints on cross-border cosmetic trading and beauty care service. However, it’s believed that the users will control constructing a beauty industry in the future. As a result, it may lead to the disruption of the outdated conventional industries but create new ones.


Spa Foundation can facilitate clients’ voices to be heard more by creating and implementing the initial platform for reliable spa review. Then, caregivers will have access to valuable market research data and use them as strong tools to enhance the service as well as maintain the relations of loyal clients. A self-made smart agreement helps to minimize any technical related risks and ensure autonomy, confidence, speed, and safety for Spa Foundation’s review platform.

Once this application is carried out, Spa Foundation will receive an enormous variety of benefits. One of them is the opportunity to approach various beauty care services and reinforce the responsibilities of beauty technician towards clients and vice versa. This can be considered as a historic turning point in the roadmap of Spa Foundation to formulate the future for the beauty care industry.


The brand of Spa Foundation was officially created on August 11th, 2015. In the next two years, many different branches of Spa Foundation were opened all over the world. On May 4th2017, Spa Foundation had its own first branches of Cambodia, followed in Laos on September the biggest Spa chains in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. It‘s estimated that there will have been about 55 branches of Spa Foundation across Southeast Asia by the end of 2019 and 70 branches in 12 different countries by the end of 2012.



The first 50% of Spa’s operating profits will be used to re-invest in following projects supervised by Spa founders. Meanwhile, the remaining 50% of operating profits can be used to re-buy SpaCoin from the market. This will help to decrease global SpaCoin supply and increase its price.


The total number of issued Spa Foundation tokens is 150,000,000. The Spa Foundation token is a native Ethereum divisible digital token with up to 8 decimals places.


First of all, it’s planned that 50 more branches of Spa Foundation will be established throughout Southeast Asia at the end of the ICO. Next, we will pay attention to develop an independent blockchain system with the commitment of tokens to coins. After that, we will focus on designing and developing Spa’s application for cellphones with convenient and efficient functions, such as: locating, announcing and advertising new services, attractive promotions or updating new beauty care trends in the world. What’s more, payment method via SpaCoin ought to be widely stimulated by offering discount packages from 5-10%. Last but not least, an ecosystem, along with the dentistry, cosmetic shops, and other famous Spa Foundations should be built soon to provide clients with a strong and dynamic ecosystem.


There are two ways to join in Spa cryptocurrency: purchasing SpaCoin and earning SpaCoin via work. With the former, investors will use SpaCoin purchased before to invest in Spa’s upcoming projects and then, share dividends. For the latter, the business model that SpaCoin prefers is working for one another within this ecosystem while another business model adopted by the majority of the beauty care industry is using SpaCoin as a means of payment.


To facilitate the transactions via mobile app with Spacoins, Spa Foundation has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Trustpay. Trustpay is one of the leading pioneer company in Vietnam launching prepaid Visa/ Mastercard TRUSTcard. TRUSTpay is in operations with more than 220.000 TRUSTcard issued, 30.000 users accounts, 1,200 accepted transaction locations, 450 locations giving discounts rate if transactions are done via TRUSTpay, 3.800 online shops, 220 franchise partners. TRUSTpay’s strategic partners are well-known in the industry such as VNPT EPAY, Telepay, Webmoney Vietnam, Peacesoft. Having TRUSTpay as its strategic partners in this project, users can be at ease will all their Spacoins payment transactions via SPA mobile app.


For the first 40% of Business Development, it’s necessary to hunt an experienced and competent CEO who can build up and lead a qualified sale team. They are expected to put our best foot forward at beauty care seminars, conferences, fairs and other events. For next 20% of Marketing: the expenses will be used for partnership development and direct consumer marketing. With another 20% of Software and Infrastructure, the latest technologies play extremely important role in enabling us to perform our tasks and the platform is on the cutting edge of the industry. As for the remaining 20% of Contingencies, there are always unforeseen challenges that arise when operating a business and a certain amount of our budget will be allocated to deal with those types of circumstances.


In conclusion, with the considerable benefits and positive effects in terms of costs, quality and potential popularity of SpaCoin, we believe that this SpaCoin will be a disruptive factor in the beauty industry. It’s possible that this kind of cryptocurrency will make a historic revolution and infuse a fresh spirit in the beauty industry in particular and the development of society in general.


ICO Start Date 15:00 GMT, November 13th 2017
ICO End Date 15:00 GMT, November 26th 2017
Total Tokens Amount 150 000 000 SPA
Crowdsale Tokens Amount 80 000 000 SPA
Currency Accepted BTC, ETH


Round 1: 5,000,000 SPA token will be sold every day at 15:00 GMT.
Start: November 13th 2017
End: November 22th 2017
Token Exchange Rate: SPA/BTC = 0.000012 (1200 satoshi)

SPA/ETH rates will be updated on the website on a hourly basis.

Round 2: 7,500,000 SPA token will be sold every day at 15:00 GMT.
Start: November 23th 2017
End: November 26th 2017
Token Exchange Rate: SPA/BTC = 0.000012 (1200 satoshi).
SPA/ETH rates will be updated on the website once every hour.

Softcap: 300BTC ̴ 6000 ETH
Hardcap: 1200BTC ̴ 24000 ETH

Contact SpaCoin:

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