Google Diversity Director Admits “Change Takes Time” After Female Employees Blast “Repressive Culture”

James Damore’s anti-diversity screed has surprisingly triggered an outpouring of commentary from former and current female employees who are speaking out about the company’s purportedly repressive culture, despite the mega tech company's 'holier-than-thou' view of its work environment.

Enter Guardian reporter Sam Levin, who last night published a story recounting several Googlers’ encounters with sex and race-based discrimination.

Google’s director of global diversity and inclusion was ready when Levin called for comment, saying all the right things to try and mitigate the outrage of her virtue-signaling Silicon Valley peers.

Yolanda Mangolini

 “Asked about the slow pace of progress, Yolanda Mangolini, Google’s director of global diversity and inclusion, said in an interview that “change takes time”, adding: “We know that it’s not just about recruiting a diverse workforce. It’s about creating an environment where they want to stay.”


After reviewing the Guardian’s summary of the women’s claims, Mangolini said: “I’m always disappointed when I hear these stories.” She pointed to Google’s “employee resource groups”, such as the “black Googler network”, which she said can go a long way in helping minorities who feel isolated find support and make connections.


"It saddened me personally when I read it, because I knew the impact of those words on the technical women … [whose] skills are always questioned,” Mangolini said. ‘My heart sort of broke for them.’”

Former female employees have continued to speak out despite the company’s notoriously stringent policy of forcing incoming employees to sign NDAs about their time inside the Googleplex.  According to Google data, which the company supplied to the Guardian, men occupy 80% of tech jobs and 75% of leadership roles at the company. Overall, only 2% of employees are black, 4% are Hispanic, 35% Asian and 56% white. The company has touted its recent 1% increases in a number of underrepresented groups.

But as Damore argued in his memo, enforcing mandatory diversity policies could weaken the company by forcing it to choose inferior engineers over more-qualified peers because of gender or skin color. As Damore explains, differences in the distribution of certain characteristics across male and female population accounts for the bulk of the discrepancy, not some monolithic patriarchy, which is a myth propagated by academics with a focus on gender studies.

One former employee, an Asian woman named Quichen Zhang, said she nearly “shut down” after being teased about her race by a male colleague.

“Qichen Zhang couldn’t believe what she was hearing. The technical specialist was in the middle of the office at Google when a white male colleague began joking with her about her hiring.


"He said, ‘It must’ve been really easy for you to get your job because you’re an Asian woman and people assume you’re good at math,’” Zhang recalled in a recent interview. “It was absolutely stunning. I remember me just emotionally shutting down.”


“Zhang, who quit in 2014, said she felt that raising concerns to human resources about the racist joke she faced would be pointless, especially since the colleague was an engineer and she was not. (Reached for comment, the former co-worker said he did not recall making the remark).


‘I don’t want to be labeled as the girl who cries ‘race card’ or plays the ‘woman card,’’ she added. ‘I was just trying to get over it.’”

A black female former employee told The Guardian that she overheard racist jokes in the office, and felt like the company’s HR department didn’t take her complaints about being singled out because of her race seriously.

“She said she also overheard racist jokes on multiple occasions and that she immediately felt left out at the workplace – excluded from emails and social events and working alongside colleagues who didn’t bother to learn her name.

The woman said that her efforts to advocate for diversity further took a toll on her. The company seemed primarily interested in PR and positive branding when it came to diversity initiatives, which made it difficult to push for more substantive reforms.


She felt she was negatively judged for her advocacy for people of color: ‘They didn’t like the way you’re prioritizing diversity, because that’s not your role.’”

In a Wall Street Journal editorial published last week, Damore said he was fired from Google because the discussion of differences between men and women in tech couldn’t be tolerated by the company’s "ideological echo chamber.” But as more current and former employees come forward, Google might be forced to take dramatic action to signal that it is taking these complaints seriously. That could include firing a top executive. After all, scandals are easier for shareholders to swallow if there’s a scapegoat ready and waiting.

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Goldman Sees 50% Chance Of A Government Shutdown

As we pointed out earlier, the chances of government agreeing any kind of debt ceiling deal (and avoiding a government shutdown) is dropping fast as USA default risk spikes and the Treasury Bill curve inverts. Goldman Sachs is now concerned also…

Uncertainty in The White House is starting to make investors realize the chance of successfully navigating the debt ceiling crisis without a government shutdown are dwindling…

Via Goldman Sachs,

Low approval ratings raise legislative risks.


In the near term, we believe there is a 50% chance of a brief government shutdown, as the president seeks to solidify support among his base by embracing more controversial positions, despite needing Democratic support to pass spending legislation.


That said, we expect that the debt limit, which needs to be raised around the same time, will prevent a longer shutdown from occurring.

It seems the credit markets are a little less sanguine than Goldman… 


As we noted earlier, sure, Congress has always come together at the 11th hour in the past.  They’ve raised the debt ceiling 78 times over the last 57 years.  So, won’t they just raise it again?

This time around, we have some reservations.  Quite frankly, this Congress has proven that it is not motivated to do what’s best for the American people.  Each representative has an illogical logic unto himself.  Just ask John McCain – he doesn’t know what he wants until the precise moment he votes.

What’s more, these days the debt ceiling has become ultra-politicized in Congress.  Big time horse trading must first take place before an agreement can be reached.  Big time bluster and chest pounding must take place too.

The point is, over the past six months this Congress has been incapable of getting a doggone thing done.  What makes you think they’ll somehow get their act together in just 12 days?

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The post Goldman Sees 50% Chance Of A Government Shutdown appeared first on Forex news forex trade.

Trump Jr. Follows Julian Assange, Sparks Media Panic That A Presidential Pardon Is In The Works

Earlier this week we noted that Representative Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) had a three hour meeting with Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London to discuss ‘helpful’ information which Assange purported would prove that Russia was not his source for the DNC / Podesta leaks last year.

Not surprisingly, the mainstream media chose not to focus on that angle and decided instead to focus all of their efforts on branding Rohrabacher as a Russian spy.  That said, here is how Rohrabacher recounted the details of the meeting with Assange to The Hill:

“Our three-hour meeting covered a wide array of issues, including the WikiLeaks exposure of the DNC emails during last year’s presidential election,” Rohrabacher said,  “Julian emphatically stated that the Russians were not involved in the hacking or disclosure of those emails.”


Pressed for more detail on the source of the documents, Rohrabacher said he had information to share privately with President Donald Trump.


“Julian also indicated that he is open to further discussions regarding specific information about the DNC email incident that is currently unknown to the public,” he added.

Now, the following tweet from an account that tracks the every move of the Trump family has sparked new speculation that a Presidential pardon of Julian Assange may be in the works…something that is undoubtedly not all that palatable to our friends at CNN and MSNBC.


Meanwhile, we would note that Jr. is also a long-time follower of @wikileaks so that must necessarily mean that he coordinated the DNC / Podesta hacks directly with them.  Combine that with the fact that we’re almost certain that parsing through the nearly 1,200 accounts that Jr. follows would also reveal at least a couple of Russian sounding names and we’re pretty sure that Mueller’s grand jury has all they need for an indictment.

Of course, if Assange really has concrete evidence that his source is anyone other than a Kremlin-connected official then you would think that information might be deemed useful to Special Counsel Mueller since it’s basically the only reason his investigation exists in the first place. 

Moreover, one would think that an immunity deal for Assange in return for such information would also be reasonable…rendering a presidential pardon moot. Certainly, the majority of Hillary’s staff was granted immunity deals for far less useful information…

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The post Trump Jr. Follows Julian Assange, Sparks Media Panic That A Presidential Pardon Is In The Works appeared first on Forex news forex trade.

Stocks Jump On Rumors That Bannon Firing Is Imminent

A decision is reportedly imminent from White House chief of staff John Kelly on whether Steve Bannon will keep his job, according to administration officials with knowledge of the situation. Axios reports that man West Wing officials are now asking "when," not "if," Bannon goes.

Axios points out that Bannon, who has run afoul of Trump in the past, is now suspected by the president of leaking about his West Wing colleagues.

Trump resents the publicity Bannon has been getting as mastermind of the campaign.


Many West Wing officials are now asking "when," not "if," Bannon goes.


Chief of Staff General John Kelly has been reviewing Bannon's position.


A recent deluge of media coverage of Bannon – including Bannon's explosive conversation with the American Prospect – have not escaped either the president's or Kelly's attention.

One White House source twists the knife:

"His departure may seem turbulent in the media, but inside it will be very smooth. He has no projects or responsibilities to hand off."

Interestingly, the market is bouncing on these headlines (presumably this would be a win for Cohn).

Which is odd because the actual report contains absolutely no additional information at all that Bannon may or many not fired.

However, Axios does note that there are a number of reasons why Bannon may survive…

Trump often sends mixed signals about his personnel plans, and makes decisions — both to keep and dismiss people — on whim.


Bannon, with his close connection to the president's base, is the one West Wing official who could do authentic damage to Trump on the outside.


We're told that Bannon's friendship with the billionaire Mercer family, who has been an important Trump ally, is a factor in the president's decision and could be part of the strategist's survival package.

One Bannon friend warned: "Get ready for Bannon the barbarian."

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The post Stocks Jump On Rumors That Bannon Firing Is Imminent appeared first on Forex news forex trade.